hey guys, sorry i stopped updating this, it just became such a mammoth task. for anyone wanting to see my recent work, head over to:

for regular tattoo and painting updates :)

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Recent Tattoos

I have quite a few things new tattoos to show you so here goes:

I really enjoyed doing this pair of deer heads. My favourite part is probably the dot shading behind them and the halo around the deer.

One from my flash

Finished off Mr. Fox!

Bird of paradise on a leg. I really enjoyed doing this one and the lady it is on has been recommending me to everyone she knows which feels really great! I still get all fuzzy inside when someone says they were recommended to me.

This is probably one of my favourite things I have tattooed. It’s a memorial piece on a friend of mine.

I finally got to do the male half of this leg duo. The two still need colour added to them, but I think they look pretty good in black and grey.

Finished the satanic zombie hands. I have more booked in on James’ leg in a couple of weeks time, one piece in particular I am VERY excited about, but I won’t give it away until it’s done.

This wolf was done on an old friend of mine and it was great getting the chance to catch up again and do this on him.

Who doesn’t love a sloth?

I did this on the lady who got the bird of paradise. She asked for it to be done with no black and I’m really pleased with how it worked out. I think I’m gonna try and do stuff like this more often! It just makes the whole thing look a lot more delicate and feminine.

Well that’s it for now. I have a few more pieces in progress and starting over the next couple of weeks. I’m booked in for another two sessions on my back with Chad Koeplinger in a few weeks time which I am very very excited about! I’ll try not to leave it too long between updates in the future.

Bye for now!

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Recent Paints

As usual it’s been a while since I updated this so I’ll do a couple of entries to catch up. Here’s some nice things to look at:

This hammerhead shark is my potential new business card

I’m really really proud of this mermaid lady.

I thought I’d try something a bit different with this last painting. I wanted it to be more like an actual painting and less tattoo flash. I’d like to do more things like this.

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Brighton Tattoo Convention 2011

The weekend just gone was the Brighton Tattoo Convention. In the past I have always just gone for a few hours for one day, but decided to make the most of it this year and go for both days.

On the Saturday I went up with a couple of friends and one of the first stalls I came to was the Jayne Doe stall and I saw that Simon Erl was doing walk ins from a flash sheet. I’d wanted to get tattooed by him for ages so it seemed like a perfect opportunity! I loved pretty much everything on the flash sheet, but decided to go for a lady holding a skull with a flower underneath. Sorry the photo isn’t the best in terms of lighting, but you get the idea:

I am so ridiculously pleased with it! I didn’t get tattooed 8until about 5pm, so after I booked it when I first got there, I went for a walk around and looked at some of the other stalls. I went and said hello to Valerie Vargas and she was tattooing a panther’s head on someone’s knee that looked amazing! I really want to get tattooed by her again soon, I just need to decide what to get done.

I met up with some friends I have made via Facebook as well, and it was really great to get to meet them properly and we got on really well which was great! I spent most of the day between friends and generally just hanging out and it was a really good day.

After my tattoo I popped back to the Frith Street stall because I rememvered that Valerie was selling original paintings so I picked one of those up and got given a free bag. Hooray! I then went upstairs to watch a friend get his hands tattooed by James Kiley then we all went into town for drinks and hangouts. I ended up getting the last train home and had had a brilliant day.

Here’s a couple of photos of some of the things I bought:

Tattoo Arsist magazine with a big feature on Chad Koeplinger, Swallows and Daggers issue 4, painting of a crow by my friend Christopher Newport but that’s actually from Sunday. More info on that later. Original painting by Valerie Vargas of a lady, Set of flash sheets by my good friend Elliot Guy and a Frith Street bag.

Here’s a closeup of the painting:

Sunday morning I woke up very sleepy and made my way back into Brighton with my boyfriend and met up with another friend at the station. We headed inside and it was really busy at first so we escaped onto the picnic benches outside until it calmed down a little. I’d spent most of my money already so we generally just looked around then at 3pm i met up with my friends and we did a painting swap. We put all our names in a hat and drew them and got to take home a painting each. Here’s all the entries:

Clockwise from the top left, Arienette Ashman, me, Thomas Davis, Christopher Newport, Alex Whiley. As you saw already, I got Chris’ painting! After the swap I was feeling super tired from such a busy weekend so I headed off home.

Overall I had the best time at the convention and I met some great people and can’t wait for the London one!

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In The Last Month I Have Done The Following…

I tattooed a lot of skulls when I first came back after Christmas!

This is a cover up I did on someone:

I added some tropical fish to the sea themed leg piece I’m doing. The lower half of the leg is nearly finished now! I just have to add in the background for it

I am so proud of this little bunny i did:

I also started a sleeve of cartoon/animé charachters starting with hawk girl. I’m really excited about seeing this progress!

I’ll also show you some works in progress. Firstly, some praying satanic zombie hands on a good friend of mine. We started this on new years day. Great way to start up 2011! This is it after the second session:

Also yesterday I started a gentleman fox:

He is paired with this owl piece I finished a while back, but never managed to get decent photos of at the time:

And here’s some paintings I have done over the last month:

This last painting I’ll be giving away at Brighton Tattoo Convention in a little painting swap I have organised with some friends. I can’t want to see what I get in return! I’ll be at the convention both days, and am really excited about it! I’ll be sure to update all about it after.

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And So Ends Year One

Today was my last day at work before breaking up for Christmas. And thus marks the end of my first year as a tattooist. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who got tattooed by me, especially in the early stages. I wouldn’t be here without you guys! I’d also like to thank everyone who has been supportive, and helped me through the ups and downs and self doubt. One of my new years resolutions was to be tattooing full time and quit my job in retail and it feels amazing to actually be doing it! I have met some amazing people this year and reformed friendships with old friends that probably never would have happened if I wasn’t doing what I am.

I gained a hell of a lot of tattoos on myself this year! Aside from the stuff I did on myself as practise, I got my first hand poked and dotwork tattoo from Adam Sage at Brighton Tattoo convention of a little heart on my wrist. I got a big piece on my leg by Elliot Guy of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse coming out of a bible with lots of flames. He also did my feet recently. One with a tiger’s head wearing a top hat with flames and a man’s head coming out of it, and the other with a grizzly bear in a fez with clouds and a girl’s head.

I spent all summer getting a lot of work done on my sleeve by Frank Carter. We nailed a whole lot of it this year which was great! It’s taken a long time to get done due to his busy schedule with the band etc, but it’s definitely been worth the wait, and I’m looking forward to hopefully finishing it in 2011! It’s been great getting to know him more and chatting about taxidermies and xbox games.

The biggest project of the year definitely has to be getting the wonderful Chad Koeplinger to start my back piece. It’s a massive panther and roses and goes from the back of my neck down to halfway down the backs of my thighs. So far I’ve had two sessions, one to outline it all and another to add more line details and start the black shading on the panther. Chad is one of my biggest influences and getting to meet him and get tattooed by him has been amazing. He is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met and has said nice things about my work and been supportive and that means the world to me. I hope to one day be even half as good as he is! You should all get tattooed by him when he’s back in London in April!

My room at the tattoo studio is starting to fill up now. I think back to when I first started and it was literally a building site, with crumbling walls, a horrible tiled floor and just generally not suitable for anything whatsoever, and over the summer it got transferred into a lovely little orange room with a nice floor. There’s still some details that need working out like putting the skirting boards on and repainting the window, but every day I’m adding more artwork and collecting more things for my shelves and it’s starting to look really cosy and awesome! Every time I take photos of how it looks, they become out of date within days, but here’s a couple of the most recent ones I took.

This is part of my business card and postcard collection above my workstation. I’ve added more to it since this though!

Here’s my shelves full of nice things and books!

Some of the artwork on my walls. There’s a lot more elsewhere and more added to where these are since this photo, but you get the idea of some of it. I love my mirrored antlers!

Some things in frames on my shelf. I framed up some of my feather collection, and the painting is one that Elliot gave me a while back. As you can see, the window itself is still quite a work in progress…

So now I have a week off for Christmas which I’ll be spending most of up in Hertfordshire with my family then it’s back to work on the 29th to essentially start my second year tattooing! I’ll be attending Brighton Tattoo Convention in January and am arranging a little meet up on the Sunday so that I can meet some friends and do a bit of a painting swap which I’m pretty excited about! Let’s hope enough people want to do it to make it interesting! If you’re reading this and are interested in taking part, there is a facebook group for it.

So heres to 2010 and hoping 2011 is just as exciting, positive and full of awesomeness as this year has been!

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Due to Christmas I have had a lot more down time at the studio so I’ve been keeping myself busy between customers by painting. Here’s some things I have done in the last month or so:

I traded this with a friend of mine called Shannon Hodgkin and got a beautiful painting of some roses and a skull in a vase in return.

Unfortunately working on A3 means I have to take photos instead of scanning things so apologies for the quality of some of these. The big cats in particular, the photo just doesn’t do it justice!

This jungle lady I swapped with Christopher Newport and got a gorilla back. He’s just managed to score himself an apprenticeship which he 100% deserves. Congrats dude!

I traded this panther with Alan Aldred in return for a yellow skull with a real nice lamp coming out of it with some crossbones etc.

This is probably one of my fave things I have painted in quite a long time. Gotta love orange.

This is based on the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil thing. I love that the panther with no ears looks like some kind of angry seal.

I am literally obsessed with big cats right now. Someone needs to let me tattoo one on them so I can stop drawing them all the time! I didn’t quite realise the extent of it until I compiled this entry!

I’ll finish up with a painting I did as a Christmas present for my most loyal customer and great friend, James:

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